Our Story

Astro and Cookie B. Fleming started Black Coffee No Sugar No Cream out of necessity. Growing more and more annoyed with companies that valued black dollars over black lives, the couple decided it was time to start protesting the only way they knew how...through black ownership. Black Coffee NSNC came about after a popular coffee brand made headlines for not allowing an employee to wear a Black Lives Matter t-shirt. Being a frequent patron of said brand, Cookie B began learning about coffee and how to brew her favorite drinks at home, so she could show her family and friends fun ways to turn their kitchens into their own personal coffee shops. The two are now committed to enhancing the coffee drinking experience through education and entertainment for black coffee drinkers looking to replace less "culturally conscious" brands with a black-owned brand that offers roast-to-order, gourmet coffee in flavors that highlight and celebrate black culture, Hella Black, HBCU Homecoming, and Black Love.